In early 2009 I was fortunate to be attending an Entrepreneurs Organization (“EO”) Conference and one of the keynote speakers was by William Oliver, a fresh faced 21 year old who did a stellar job herding the group of “EO cats ” during his session on “The Law of Attraction – The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t Want ”. William is a certified Law of Attraction Facilitator and was able to condense the book down for us attention deficit entrepreneurs in less than a couple of hours.

His biggest message was a 3 Step Formula on Deliberate Attraction specifically, how do you attract the things into your life that you want:
Step 1 – Identify your desire – have clarity with what you like and contrast that to what you do not like; When you go from: ‘what you don’t want,’ to ‘what you want’ …the words change, the vibration changes and you can only hold one vibration at a time and that is what you will attract more of.
Step 2 – Give your desire attention – Be specific and write down as many things that your desire includes and what it excludes.
Step 3 – Allowing – Allowing is the absence of doubt. The speed at which the Law of Attraction will bring you what you desire is directly proportional to allowing – or to what your level of doubt is or your ‘limiting belief’ (which is any negative thought or feeling you have repeatedly had and you are convinced is true). Help eliminate Doubt by celebrating the small steps towards success.

Strong Desire + Strong Doubt = Zero Manifestation of your Desire
Strong Desire + Some Doubt = Some Manifestation of your Desire
Strong Desire + No Doubt = Immediate Manifestation of your Desire

So does the Law of Attraction work? Let me speak from my personal experience at my last business: i-Finance. In early 2003 I sold out of my previous business (“Storyeum”) and wanted to be very specific about what I did next, so I identified what I desired my next business to possess. In order of importance my desires were:

  1. The business had to have a re-occurring revenue stream;
  2. I had to be able to walk to work;
  3. I had to be able to work on the business and not in the business;
  4. The business had to allow me to continue to pursue my Personal Mission and personal desires;
  5. I had to be able to contract out as many of the duties as possible

After I wrote these desires down I visualized what each of those desires meant to me and gave them as much depth and meaning as possible. For example, being able to walk to work meant: I could get some exercise; my brain could prepare for work on the way to work and decompress on the way home; I would be outside in fresh air; I could walk my dog to work; I would be close to my kids school so I could continue coaching basketball; it is good for the environment; and I would get to know my neighbors. I had no doubt that I could achieve a situation that accomplished all of my desires.

I then allowed opportunities to come to me . . . low and behold within one week Gord Bylo called me out-of-the blue to discuss a business idea he had and from that i-Finance was quickly born and was successful in allowing me to satisfy the desires I had taken the time to detail, give attention and focus to and allow to occur without doubt. I have now sold my interest in i-Finance to Gord and am looking for what my next business will be.
So to create the best next business for me I have again prepared what my desires are, but instead of sharing or focuses on all of them I have also learned in the past decade to only focus on the Top 3 and the rest will take care of themselves.

So my Top 3, in order of importance, for the next business are:

  1. That the business should be a buy-out target within a 10 year time frame. This means that I am starting with an Exit strategy already in place and will be able to shape and grow the business in order to maximize the value of that liquidity event when it occurs;
  2. That the business accommodates itself as a “lifestyle business”. This means it has to be flexible enough to balance with my personal life, home life, hobbies and interests.
  3. That the business allows me to take advantage of my core strengths which include leadership, organizational structuring, finance and having the ability to figure out solutions when others can’t.

So now that I have cast my desires, am giving them daily attention I will allow the opportunities to be attracted to me that will fit within this framework! Stay tuned to hear what shows up!!!

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2 Responses to Attracting What I Desire

  1. Lesley says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this so openly… it will be an amazing process to watch and celebrate… go JON! The other core strengths that are reflected in your life and in this blog post is clarity and moral fiber. Both of which matter a ton too…

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks for your comments Lesley! I agree that moral fiber and clarity are important attributes to strive for – and am honoured that you have identified these for me! My next Blog will delve into the moral fiber aspect a little deeper – so stay tuned!!! Cheers!

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